Dental Fillings

With minimally invasive treatments and modern materials we can provide you with longer-lasting fillings.

As much as necessary, as little as possible!

Alternatives to Amalgam

We can’t always win the constant war against tooth decay, so everybody has a filling or two, and dental fillings make up a large part of our work at Zahnärzte EFK.

Most dental fillings today are still done using amalgam (“silver filling”), a mixture of mercury with at least one other metal. At Zahnärzte EFK we stopped using amalgam more than 15 years ago. We had two good reasons:

  • the health risks of ongoing mercury exposure are still disputed
  • dental fillings made from amalgam tend to expand over time and may break up the tooth from within

Amalgam simply does not meet the high standards we set for ourselves as dentists.

Other Options for Dental Fillings

We offer a wide range of dental fillings so you can choose your personal alternative to amalgam:

Composite fillings
Composite fillings consist of different synthetic materials which are introduced into the tooth and hardened with UV light.

Inlays, as opposed to dental fillimgs made from amalgam or composite materials, are always prefabricated outsde the mouth and then fitted by a dentist. Our dental technicians produce inlays using modern composites, traditional gold and high quality ceramica.

Health Risks Posed by Amalgam

We offer EAV checks to assess your individual health risk for different dental fillings.

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